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British Film House is an exclusive, invitation only investors' club with its gatherings schedueled for the First Friday of every Season between 6pm to 11pm

It is an investment platform for films and TV productions and projects. It exists to help taking advantage of the new trend in high-profit equity share investments.

British Film House Mission

British Film House is committed to portraying the diversity of UK's society by working across the best stories from all around the world regardless of the creator's origin.

As an independent film finance House, the work we produce is always a reflection of our believe in diversity and equal representation.
We develope projects which are both diverse and commercially viable to bringing our films to an international audience.

If you are a Private Investor, a Film Angel Investor, or a Film Funding Specialist, or an Investment Agent, please email to and reserve your place for the next event now.

We welcome all international investors and producers who want to invest in the entertainment industry via British Film House and Big Ben Studios, which is one of the highest-quality film studios in the world.

Our projects are first-class Film and TV productions from top creators in the most popular genres in the industry.

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